Birding in Galápagos

On the move with my binoculars

Galápagos is a great place for birdwatching and thus during my field trips and boat cruises I spent some time with my binoculars to glass the islands and the ocean. Up to now, I saw 41 species – see my species-list. There are only about 60 resident species and 13 of these are the finches. The relative paucity of species is in reality one of the beauties of Galápagos birds. The finches and mockingbirds are excellent examples of adaptive radiation and I am now very happy to have some photos for my animal ecology lecture. The number of resident species is growing. Two species have been introduced: pigeons, which have now been eradicated, and the Smooth-billed Ani. The Cattle Egret has arrived unaided. In addition to the resident species, there are numerous regular visitors, mainly migratory waders from North America. Here are some pictures I took during my trips … Find more in the photo gallery!